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Preheating Plate T-8280

Preheating Plate T-8280

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This machine is with infrared component to give off heat which independent exploration, adopts advanced PID intelligent temperature, controls temperature precisely.Can preheat PCB efficiency.

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Large Size Preheating Plate T-8280

Products Features:

1.This machine is with infrared component to give off heat which independent exploration, adopts advanced PID intelligent temperature, controls temperature precisely.

2. T-8280 can heat PCB board and component which contains lead or not,especially BGA and SMD parts.

3.Ceramic heating, easy to cut through, heat proportion, don’t have hot air flow. Don’t shift the small components on the PCB board,ensure the welding quality.

4.This machine is with 1500W heating system, heating area 280x270mm.Can use together with the handhold infrared welder T-835.

5.Easy operate, you can operate it after simple training. 

Technical Parameter

Work bench size


Rated voltage and frequency

AC220-230v/AC110V   60/50Hz

Complete machine power


Preheating plate power


Preheating plate size


Preheating plate temperature adjustable


Main Components:

Preheating plate main body


Temperature sensor


PCB board holder


Power line


User manual (USB flash disk)



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