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Mini Channel Reflow Oven T-961

Mini Channel Reflow Oven T-961

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Mini Reflow Oven T-961 selects IR and hot air heating technology controlling, designed with special wind wheel, speed stability and uniform temperature, suit for uninterrupted soldering the LED and BGA components.

Equipped with the crawler-type and 6 temperature zone heating systems, and each temperature zone uses independent PID controlling and up-down heating type, can make the inside temperature more accurate and well-proportioned, just take about 7 minutes can let it heat up to the working temperature from the room temperature.

Adopt the thermocouple temperature measurement and add the compensation circuit, make the temperature measurement more accurate, the wave more perfect.

Transmission system adopts imported frequency conversion motor, PID closed-loop speed, smooth operation, speed adjustable range 0-290mm/min.

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Mini reflow oven T-961

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