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1.2m Manual Stencil Printer

1.2m Manual Stencil Printer

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Puhui 1.2m manual stencil printer has large printing area 1300*450mm , convenient to use, especially for1.2m LED strip solder paste printing . Essential for the small scale production of PCB ,LED board printing work.

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1.2m Manual Solder Paste Stencil Printer


* Suitable for small batch production using. Its function is to print solder paste through screen, apply the  proper amount solder paste to the PCB pads.

* Positioning: Edge positioning

* Adjust: manual fine-tuning

* Adjust direction: front, left and right, up and down.

* Adjustable distance around the table: ±10mm

* Adjustable distance around the table: 0 ~ 30mm

* The maximum adjustable height up and down the frame distance: 120mm


Technical Parameters: 

Working Bench  Size:1300*450mm

Weight: 30kgs 


Installation Steps:
Fit the printer plate to operation plate as followed.

As diagrams, fit and assemble parts from Screw Rod, Stencil clip, Fixed Block, Clump weight in order.









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