Why Puhui lead- free reflow oven T-937 has 2 “faint glow tubes”?

These days ,we received some questions from one of our lead- free reflow oven T-937 users from Australia,

He proposed to us ,

why the 2 back infrared tubes are faint glow than the front ones?

Are the back tubes not working ?

Should replace them with new tubes?


Let me explain this phenomenon,

When we designed this lead free Reflow oven T-937,our technicians considered the heat loss approach the glass door,to balance the heat uniformity of the whole furnace,they decided to place 2 groups of infrared tubes in different resistance value.


As we see now ,the 2 front tubes are 19Ω,the 2 back tubes are 24Ω,the fronts are heating much to make up the heat loss ,the backs heat relatively less . Plus the upper hot air fan stirring,we can get an ideal heat uniformity.


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