Puhui team upgrades T-961S & T-980 with new design

Since Puhui 6-heating-zone reflow oven T-961S, Puhui 8-heating-zone reflow oven T-980 launched in the market,becoming hot sell products instantly with the high cost effective performance .

Recently,Puhui tech team upgrades the system of hot airs.Hot air motors are used to assist infrared emission distributing evenly.Contributing to the heat uniformity of whole furnace chamber.which are vital parts in the running system.

Now plus powerful cooling fans upright on the hot airs ,to relieve the stress of hot air motors working . Discharging excess heat,make the hot air motors in good condition.

So that would improve the heating uniformity of soldering process ,help our clients to gain excellent soldering results.

Puhui tech team keeps researching & optimizing the reflow oven structure to struggle for entering into some unknown space.

Would you like to provide some good advice to help us make more progress?

Always expecting communication with you.

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