How to choose solder paste for PCB production ?

1.According to the product assembly process, PCB and components to choose solder paste alloy components (this is mainly according to the industrial production process conditions and use of the requirements and solder paste performance requirements).
2.In industrial production according to the product (PCB) to the cleanliness requirements and different degrees of cleanliness after welding to choose their own solder paste. In the production of the use of non-cleaning process, to choose the non-cleaning solder paste containing low halogen and not containing strong corrosive compounds. And the use of solvent cleaning process, to choose solvent cleaning solder paste. When using water cleaning process, to choose water-soluble solder paste. BGA, CSP generally need to choose high quality non-cleaning type silver-containing solder paste.
3.The activity of solder paste is selected according to the storage time and surface oxidation degree of PCB and components.
4.According to the PCB assembly density (there is no fine spacing) in the production process to choose the appropriate alloy powder particle size, generally used solder paste alloy powder particle size is divided into four particle size grade, fine spacing is generally selected 20-45um.
So when we choose solder paste, we should not only understand what kind of product we choose, but also understand what kind of product we need, so that our choice will be more accurate.

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