A look at Puhui Newest MiNi reflow oven T-962 V.2.0

As a 16yrs senior research & producing SMT manufacturer,Tai'an Puhui Electric Technology Co., Ltd has been insisting on technology innovation .

Nowadays,Puhui tech launched the newest mini reflow oven T-962 V2.0,aims to simply the curve-setting process comparing with classic mini reflow oven T-962.

Now i post the features of T-962V2.0,i am sure it would grab your eyes with its charming:

1.The T-962 V2.0 integrates the functions of reflow soldering, drying, insulation, shaping, rapid cooling, constant temperature timing to meet various soldering requirements such as SMD, BGA, etc., and capable of soldering single-sided and double-sided PCB in all packaging forms such as CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, and more. Widely used in adhesive curing, PCB thermal aging, PCB repairs and other work;

2.Utilizes microcomputer control to make sure the whole soldering process is completed automatically and the operation is simple;

3.The combination of rapid infrared radiation heating and cooling fan stirring to make the soldering temperature more precise and uniform;

4.There are 8 temperature parameter curves available for selection in the product memory, and it also supports user-defined setting of temperature parameter curves(PC connecting supports);

5.Utilizes vague temperature control technology and visualized drawer-style workbench to make the whole soldering process visualized;

6.T-962V.2.0 is designed with maintenance-free high reliability, providing you with satisfaction and peace of mind. 

We understand all our customers have great using experiences with Puhui T-962 reflow ovens.It inspires us to have more duties to provide more advanced operating system ,and built it into T-962v2.0 to create fresh soldering experience for our valued users .

Hope you support us continually,and wating your advice about Puhui T-962 v2.0 reflow ovens.

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