Electric Technology Co., Ltd. innovation promotes patent and creates world brand


Established in 2007, Puhui Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in intensive cultivation in the electronic industry for 12 years and independently developed a variety of flow welding machines and patch machines. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in the development of SMT production equipment earlier in China. At present, it has developed into a benchmark enterprise in the field of small-scale SMT production equipment in China. Its products are deeply loved by LED industry.


Puhui Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has a number of independent intellectual property rights. Five series of 25 varieties of intelligent electronic production equipment and infrared electronic tools have passed international certification such as the European Union, and are exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa and other countries and regions.


Our development goal is to be an unmanned electronic production plant in the industry and a stand-alone electronic production equipment under the control of the Internet of things. Our current market is for the whole world, mainly the high-end market of developed countries in Europe and America. In the next step, we should strengthen the cooperation between colleges and universities, improve the research and development ability, face the advanced manufacturing level of the world industry, strive to form our own scale within 3-5 years, strive to reach the top three in China, and become a famous enterprise in the world.

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