Let’s talk about puhui reflow oven T-960 today

I reckon everyone knows puhui reflow oven T-960 series,i refer to T-960 model, T-960e model,T-960w model only,which are the classic,famous soldering equipment for PCBA  LED etc.within past 16 years in SMT industry globally .

With the new generations of Touch Screen reflow ovens (like T-960S,T-961S,T-980)entered the market continuously, the T-960 series seems to have lost their luster a bit ,but i must prove: you can always trust the stable performance,the high efficiency ,the convenient simple operation design of them. Comparing with new system of Touch Screen reflow ovens, the relative lower price is a considering factor for clients absolutely.

Puhui offers more options for customers based on various budget.

And we ensure your soldering results mostly .pls feel free to contact us to introduce you suitable products.

You can believe all ranges of reflow ovens made by Puhui always.


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